Tuesday 27 November 2012

Bluebird Express at Keith - Results 2012

Beginners Luck?

After two successful days of pulling we managed, wait for it....., 103 metres and......,

First Place! in the SuperFarm Class

See the official results on the STTPA website by following the link from our External Links tab.
Second place holder in the Under 401cui Pro-Stock Class was our friend from the SWTPA and MTPC, Onky Ankers, driving Skinny.
See more of Skinny in action on our YouTube channel xpresstractorpulling
See more of Onky Ankers in action below.
"You Were Only Supposed To Blow the Bloody Doors Off, Thunderpants"


Bruno's Technical Tips

Bog Eyed

Bruno says " Eh Murphy, my tummy hurts...., so don't drink out of that toilet in the field". Murphy says " Too late, look at my eyes!"

Monday 19 November 2012

Bluebird Express at Keith Country Show Park 2012

Chomping At The Bit

Keith Country Show Park tractor pulling event held by the Scottish Truck and Tractor Pulling Association on 16th - 17th June 2012 was getting Bluebird Express foaming at the mouth and the jockey a bit tense.

Bluebird Express with a Nervous Jockey

With no pulling experience to date due to bad weather, the five hundred mile trip to the highlands was going to be worth the saddle sores no matter what, even if it meant spending the night in 'Hotel Iveco'.

Hotel Iveco

But luckily, a kind hearted Scot by the name of Alan lent us his caravan, fully stocked with all the essentials. Many thanks once again from us all.

After a comfortable night, the next morning brought a cold, dry day...., perfect for pulling. So finally we did!

To see Bluebird Express at Keith 2012 and further upcoming videos click below to visit Our YouTube Channel xpresstractorpulling

Sunday 18 November 2012

Bluebird Express at Oswestry Truck Show 2012

A Welcome Invitation

Following the Wraxall washout, Bluebird Express was all dressed up with no place to go, until the phone rang...... It was Onky Ankers, owner and driver of Skinny, an under 401cui pro-stock tractor puller and friend of ours from both the South West Tractor Pullers Association (SWTPA) and Malpas Tractor Pulling Club (MTPC), where our interest first began. Onky said "Get yer tractor back on the wagon we're off to Oswestry Truck Show for a static display to advertise the Championship Pull at Dearnford Lake held later in the year". "OK mon" we said and hit the road.
Bluebird Express & Skinny with MTPC's Sledge - 'The Radish Planter'

Friday 9 November 2012

Bluebird Express Bring Me Sunshine

Disappointing News

Bluebird Express was all loaded up in preparation for our first championship pull at Wraxall, near Bristol, to be held at the North Somerset Show Ground on the May Bank Holiday 2012. But......, monsoon season arrived early and the track was ruined, mainly due to bathing hippos!

All Dressed Up And No Place To Go


Meanwhile.... Back at the Ranch

Bruno's Technical Tips
Tyre Tech
Bruno says "These tractors don't move like conventional machines. The drivers of tractor pullers carefully manage the loads transferred to the axle and gearbox components from the highly modified engine, through clutch, brake and throttle control. The object of this juggling act is to get the wheels to break traction.

The tyres, to the untrained eye would look bald but their treads are purposely cut down and leading edges sharpened with an angle grinder. If you were to use new agricultural tyres the transmission loads generated due to excessive grip would cause a catastrophic failure. (Not to mention expensive...., Murphy and me would be on bread and water for a while!)".

Saturday 3 November 2012

Bluebird Express Where Do We Go From Here?

Time on Our Hands.

In the absence of a cow to milk we realised that our spare time could now be spent tractor pulling, yee hah! (Although Murphy still remains sceptical about the 'magic beans'). So now we needed to join a tractor pulling club.

We've been following some friends of ours for a few years who are members of the South West Tractor Pullers Association, with tractors in both the Super Farm and Under 401cu Pro-Stock classes. Our choice was made, we joined the Super Farm class at the SWTPA. With that done, Bluebird Express needed some safety checks and a little tlc here and there.

The main safety check involves removal of the flywheel and clutch assembly for thorough inspection, followed by certification. And just for all you spanner jockeys out there we'll go more in depth with this process in a later post.

A Little TLC!

Tinker Time Over, Time For Bed.

Ready To Rock!

Our first pull of the season for points towards the UK Pro-Pullers Championship, held at Wraxall near Bristol is fast approaching, can't wait!

Bruno's Technical Tips

Bruno says "Don't forget that the Super Farm class is limited to 3000rpm and Bluebird Express will be rev-checked in scrutineering".

Thursday 1 November 2012

Bluebird Express In The Beginning.

Well......., What Happened Was.........

After swapping the cow for some magic beans on the previous day, I awoke to find a 1963 New Performance Fordson Super Major parked on the yard. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

The Arrival

Giving It The Once Over
The Boss Says "It Can Stay"


Murph says "Magic beans my arse"


Welcome to where we soon hope to be sharing some of our experiences of this 'sport' with like minded folk.

If you're one of those like minded folk then watch this space for upcoming news, or maybe join the 'Herd' and follow us.

Shortly we'll be adding our very own Fordson Super Major - Bluebird Express. So bear with us while we dig out some polaroids and we'll be back............