Friday 9 November 2012

Bluebird Express Bring Me Sunshine

Disappointing News

Bluebird Express was all loaded up in preparation for our first championship pull at Wraxall, near Bristol, to be held at the North Somerset Show Ground on the May Bank Holiday 2012. But......, monsoon season arrived early and the track was ruined, mainly due to bathing hippos!

All Dressed Up And No Place To Go


Meanwhile.... Back at the Ranch

Bruno's Technical Tips
Tyre Tech
Bruno says "These tractors don't move like conventional machines. The drivers of tractor pullers carefully manage the loads transferred to the axle and gearbox components from the highly modified engine, through clutch, brake and throttle control. The object of this juggling act is to get the wheels to break traction.

The tyres, to the untrained eye would look bald but their treads are purposely cut down and leading edges sharpened with an angle grinder. If you were to use new agricultural tyres the transmission loads generated due to excessive grip would cause a catastrophic failure. (Not to mention expensive...., Murphy and me would be on bread and water for a while!)".

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