Saturday 23 November 2013

Bluebird Express 2013 - Naked! Part II


We've been busy during the 2013 pulling season with a number of things from tinkering about to dealing with major disasters and have found little time to update our blog, but now the 2013 pulling season is over we thought we had better get back to it with some info on our progress. So stick with us and we'll try to keep you informed.

Data - The need to know

Now, having got through our second year, we're still pretty new to this sport and we have a lot to learn. With that said, a long and rocky road ahead seemed a bit daunting at first but then we got to thinking perhaps we'll try to shorten it, but how? So, instead of accumulating a vast quantity of knackered turbos and melted components, which apparently seems the tried and tested road to success, we thought we would take a look at some facts and figures instead. Now don't get us wrong here, we are not scientists and this isn't exactly formula one racing, but we're not scrap dealers either, so we added a data logger with a digital display screen.

A data logger? On a superfarm tractor? Barking mad!
Now, this is all very well and good having this bit of wizardry but once we've collected our data what do we do with it? Well we decided to begin with the 'Ladybird' book of how an engine works and let it progress from there.
The addition of the data logger has given us the right information for us to correct our air to fuel ratio, increase our turbo size, lower our temperatures and provided us with diagnostic information when things go wrong. A worthwhile bit of kit.

Gettin' Wired

As we found out, there's a bit more to fitting gadgets than just sticking them on and Bluebird's electrical system was in need of an upgrade.
Another non-factory accessory
A new electrical system was engineered specifically to handle the new data sensors and electrical components, giving more reliability and data integrity. The new system was housed in the original fuel tank to keep everything dry with various plug-in components to make replacement quick and easy.
A new replaceable switch panel


Other Stuff

We thought we would give the throttle lever a bit of a tweek too, mainly just for comfort.
The Snap On spanners were not for cutting up
The exhaust also got re-jigged amongst other things.

Bluebird Express Naked!