Saturday 3 November 2012

Bluebird Express Where Do We Go From Here?

Time on Our Hands.

In the absence of a cow to milk we realised that our spare time could now be spent tractor pulling, yee hah! (Although Murphy still remains sceptical about the 'magic beans'). So now we needed to join a tractor pulling club.

We've been following some friends of ours for a few years who are members of the South West Tractor Pullers Association, with tractors in both the Super Farm and Under 401cu Pro-Stock classes. Our choice was made, we joined the Super Farm class at the SWTPA. With that done, Bluebird Express needed some safety checks and a little tlc here and there.

The main safety check involves removal of the flywheel and clutch assembly for thorough inspection, followed by certification. And just for all you spanner jockeys out there we'll go more in depth with this process in a later post.

A Little TLC!

Tinker Time Over, Time For Bed.

Ready To Rock!

Our first pull of the season for points towards the UK Pro-Pullers Championship, held at Wraxall near Bristol is fast approaching, can't wait!

Bruno's Technical Tips

Bruno says "Don't forget that the Super Farm class is limited to 3000rpm and Bluebird Express will be rev-checked in scrutineering".

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